Waste Management

As a brewery, we are heavily reliant on the environment and natural resources in our processes. We are therefore mindful that we have a role to play in ensuring that our processes neither cause long-term depletion of natural resources nor do they cause lasting damage to species, habitats, biodiversity or to the atmosphere.

To show our commitment, we have adopted stretching targets that we would like to achieve by the year 2020: -
a) 50% improvement in water efficiency.
b) Discharging effluent within discharge parameter consents.
c) Zero waste to landfill.
d) All packaging will be recyclable.
e) Carbon reduction by 50%.
f) To sustainably resource all paper & board packaging with net zero deforestation.
g) Introduction of life-cycle analysis on priority brands.

Uganda Breweries generates about 24,000 tonnes of waste annually. Of this, solid waste constitutes 60%, carbon dioxide from energy usage and process is 39%, waste to land fill is 0.3% with liquid waste (in terms of BOD) constituting 0.05%.

E-Green Initiative