Senator Lager

Senator was first brewed in Uganda in 2005. A masterpiece that Ugandans have enjoyed for the last 10 years brewed here at Port Bell pier.

Senator is distinctively brewed from the finest ingredients of the land (Cassava, Sorghum, Barley), carefully grown by Uganda farmers. With this, Senator manages to engage & support hundreds of families in the country by providing ready market for their produce and this has helped improve their standards of living.

With the state-of-the-art equipment & skilled brewers, those ingredients are brewed into a premium quality beer presented in two variants – the best of Lager’s smooth full bodied taste & the Stout’s well rounded dark liquid aroma that stands out from other dark beers with a deep rich and smoky aroma.

The two Senator variants are each presented in 2 SKUs – 500ml & 300ml hence the 4 offers to the market; - Senator Extra 500ml – the flagship brand; Senator Extra 300ml, Senator Stout 500ml & Senator Stout 300ml.

In the UBL portfolio, this Senator Trademark plays in the value sub-category and therefore, it is UBL’s biggest volume beer brand. Each of those SKUs are sold; - Senator Extra 500ml @ Ugx 2,000/=; Senator Extra 300ml @ Ugx 1,500/=; Senator Stout 500ml @ Ugx 2,000/= & Senator Stout 300ml @ Ugx 1,500/=.

Senator – the finest Taste of our land!