Bell Lager was the first Ugandan beer to be brewed in Uganda in 1950. It gets its name from Port Bell pier where it is located along the shores of Lake Victoria. It has been expertly brewed there ever since. Bell Lager was the first beer in Uganda to win the coveted gold medal in the international Monde Selection Quality award in 1992 and has consistently maintained its high quality standard from that time . It is currently Uganda Breweries Limited’s flagship beer and the number one premium lager in Uganda.

    Reasons to Believe;
  • A Low ABV (of 4.0%) allows consumers to remain in control of themselves and have fresh mornings after a Night out with friends
  • Golden clear liquid & Strong head - A sign of a carefully brewed beer
  • Fizzing and bubbling sound - Proof of the beer’s maturity.
  • The Unique Aroma - Due to the fine ingredients (malt & hops) & a careful process.
  • Smoothness, Crispness & Bite of the beer - Unique to Bell due to attention to detail in process, and maturity & quality of ingredients used.

The ‘Bell Nation Campaign ‘is meant to tap into Ugandans deliberate choice to roll with what life throws at them no matter the situation. When you choose to roll with whatever life throws at you and smile through the situation regardless, then you are part of the Bell Nation. Ugandans have an attitude towards life that has endeared us to the world and helped make each day worth living, regardless of what may come our way. We LIVE EVERY MOMENT.

Bell Lager is currently presented in two (2) SKU variants – 500ml glass bottle priced at 3,000 Ugx RRP and the 500ml can format priced at 4,000 Ugx RRP best served chilled.

To you, your friends, and your family…Bell lager will turn every moment into a memorable one.