Today is a milestone in the journey of our precious gem and flagship brand; Bell Lager. Today, a journey of over 60 years continues, with even more purpose, more promise and more glory.

Bell Lager has been a part of Uganda and Ugandas for decades. It has shared in the rich history of the nation, growing with it, celebrating with it and in turn, gaining the love, respect and adoration of our consumers and the public and large.

This we have done by not only being consistently delivering on our promise to produce a world class quality beer, but also moving forward with the times, many times even leading the way and setting the trail ablaze.

In this spirit, we have yet again moved forward. Bell lager has evolved yet again to match the desires, tastes and preferences of the ever evolving and demanding consumer by taking on a fresh new look.

This beautiful new design is as a result of extensive research with consumers to see what they want and what would make us tick. Research that was put to use by the best designers in the industry, to create a look and feel that will stand out among even the best in the world, taking our brand to a new height.

This new look is intended to not only be the best in the land, but to increase consumer appeal for it, ultimately driving up consumption and our sales.

The renovation of the bottle has come with an equally exciting look for our visibility. A look that will be rolled out to the trade later this week to further drive awareness and appeal for the brand.

As a business, this is the single biggest thing we have done in the recent past. It is our commitment to ensure the success, growth and continuity of our business. Bell Lager being our flagship brand, is critical to this mission and we would like to guarantee you that no effort shall be spared in ensuring that it gets to the next level.